AHMAT Research Group
University of Valladolid

Archaeological and Historical MATerials Research Group of the University of Valladolid 

Grupo de Investigación de Materiales Históricos y Arqueológicos de la Universidad de Valladolid

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AHMAT Research Group aims to provide valuable data about cultural heritage materials from a multidisciplinary approach. From comprehensive studies performed by experts on materials science, cultural heritage preservation and restoration, as well as archaeology, our objective is to enhance the knowledge about ancient cultures and the preservation of cultural heritage.

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AHMAT Research Group
Condensed Matter Physics, Crystallography, and Mineralogy Department
Science Faculty – University of Valladolid
Paseo de Belen 7 – 47011, Valladolid – Spain

Email: jpinto@fmc.uva.es
Phone: +34 983 18 63 14